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The basic Cadet program funded through DND and the League ensures that each Cadet receives weekly training, has the opportunity to go familiarization flying in a glider at least once during the year, attend 2 outdoor survival weekend exercises, and participate in various citizenship activities.


The Band program, Range program, Sports program, all trips, the awards and the Annual Ceremonial Review and all of the extra activities that keep the program interesting for the Cadets is funded by the SSC through fundraising activities. 



The Friends of "88" Squadron Society is a registered charity, and as such we are able to take advantage of the incentives this provides to potential donors (tax credits). 


Fundraising activities include:

- Casino (limited availability)

- Bottle Drives

- Annual Silent Auction

- Individual Donations


The more funds we raise the larger the grant.


The perpetual bottle drive (PBD) is one method by which we generate individual donations.  Simply remit the funds generated from your empties to the Friends of "88" Squadron Society. 


If you'd like to help with a specific fundraiser or have ideas of your own please contact SSC Chair, at


"Many hands make light work."
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