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How Cadets Works

Confused Yet?
In a nutshell, the Cadet program is a three legged stool:     
1.  The Canadian Forces (DND) designs the program.
 2.  The Air Cadet League administers the program.
  1. The local Squadron Staff implements the program and the local Squadron Sponsoring Committee recruits Cadets and provides logistical and financial support to the Squadron.
  2. The Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) is a not for profit registered charity which operates under the legal name Friends of "88" Squadron Society. 
"88" Airdrie Lynx meet Wednesday evenings at Gym 4031from 1815hrs to 2100hrs in Balzac.  Please note that the Officer trailer is located in the Town and Country - 275 Jensen Drive N.E. - parking lot (S.W. Corner of building).
Each parade night is comprised of a fall in parade where uniforms are inspected and attendance is taken, 3 periods of instruction, a short break and a closing parade where information is relayed and notices for upcoming events are announced.  Parents are encouraged to attend the closing parade.
This website will be updated with the most current information as it becomes available on the "Sign In" - Calendar page.
It is every Cadet's responsibility to attend each parade night or, if they are unable to attend, to fill out the form on the website to report their absence.  We realize that from time to time Cadets may get sick, have excessive amounts of homework, or have family obligations; as such we ask that Cadets fill in the website to excuse themselves prior to 1830hrs of that parade night.  If an absence is known in advance, they may report it to the Administration Officer anytime prior to the absence.
What to Expect as a Cadet
The Cadet program is a disciplined environment; you are required to adhere to all the rules and regulations in place.
As a Cadet, you are responsible for yourself; you need to make responsible decisions and act with courtesy and respect at all times.
There is a chain of command in Cadets and you need to use it.  If you have a question or a problem, ask the Cadets that are working directly with you.  They will pass on information and are there to make sure you get the most out of Cadets.  Should you have a situation where you need to talk to an officer, you always have direct access to them.
You are required, as a Cadet, to take care of your uniform on a regular basis.  This means that you clean and press your uniform, sew on your own badges and polish your boots.
You will need to properly manage your time so that you can fit in all the activities you want to do.  There are activities on most week nights and some weekends each month.  It will be your responsibility to make sure you keep up with your school work while enjoying the Cadet activities.
You also need to keep your parents informed on your Cadet activities.  Tell your parents when you sign up for an activity and make sure to pass on the information that is announced at the end of Parade night.


Parent / Guardian Responsibilities
As a parent , you need only register to become a member of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC).  This group is responsible for maintaining a place for squadron to parade and train in and fundraising for all optional training and activities for the Cadets.
The SSC meets the first Wednesday of every month during regular parade.  See Calendar for details.  Attendance is highly recommended. 
"The World is Run by Those Who Show Up."
The Cadet program is not a babysitting service.  We give timings for all events and you are expected to be on time to drop off or pick up your Cadet.  You should not be dropping you Cadet off earlier than the timings given, as we do not have supervision earlier than a few minutes prior to event timings.  Also do not leave your Cadet without ensuring that there is a supervising adult present.
If you have a concern regarding the Cadet program or a specific situation involving your Cadet, the Chair of the SSC is always available.  They will then address the issue with the Commanding Officer of the Squadron on your behalf so that the situation can be resolved in a timely and appropriate manner.  This also allows the SSC an opportunity to become aware of any concerns within the squadron affecting more than one Cadet that needs to be dealt with.  Concerns are dealt with through the chain of command meaning that the CO will address concerns as needed with a particular staff member or Cadet.
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