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Leave of Absence


For Cadets having trouble meeting their Cadet commitment, you may apply for a leave of absence from the Squadron for up to 6 months.  Leave of absence forms may be obtained from the Administration Officer and must be filled out prior to the request.  The following conditions apply:
  • Must a cadet for at least 1 year;
  • Your past attendance and reason will be taken into consideration prior to granting any leave of absence; and
  • A leave of absence will affect your ability to attend Squadron activities.


Should you move, whether within the area or anywhere across the country, you are responsible to inform us of your new address.  If you move out of the area, you do not necessarily have to quit Cadets.  We can transfer your Cadet records to a Cadet unit of any element (Air, Land or Sea) anywhere in the country.  Let us know where you are moving and we can look up a unit in the area.  Once you have moved and visited the new unit, they will request your file from us and we will forward it on your behalf.


Should you no longer wish to be a member of the Squadron, you are required to return your uniform and any other piece of kit loaned to you and collect your personnel file from the administration department.  You will also be required to meet with an Officer prior to leaving.
It is every Cadet's responsibility to attend each parade night or, if they are unable to attend, to advise and excuse their absence.  We realize that from time to time Cadets may get sick, have excessive amounts of homework, or have family obligations; as such we ask that Cadets advise the Squadron prior to 1900hrs with the ONLINE SQUADRON ABSENCE FORM. If an absence is known in advance, they may report it to the Administration Officer anytime prior to the absence.
Along with regular parade attendance, there are other events to attend;​
  • Remembrance Day - November 11
  • The Squadron Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR), the final parade for the Squadron
  • Various Citizenship events; in keeping with the aims of the CJCR, promoting citizenship, various citizenship events will be held through out the year.
All available information for activities can be found on the Calendar located after Signing In.
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