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Cadets are provided with a uniform free of charge.  They are required to maintain it in good condition and to keep it up to the minimum standards.  Cadets will be fitted for uniforms shortly after joining and it can take up to 6 weeks for a uniform to arrive.
For those Cadets who have yet to receive their uniform, they are expected to wear appropriate civilian clothing.
Cadets will be shown how to properly maintain their uniforms as part of their regular training.  If they have questions, they may refer to the senior Cadets in their flights.
Cadets will be required to purchase their own polish and polishing cloth; most commonly used are Kiwi Brand black polish and a Kiwi cloth.
Once uniformed, they will be required to be in the appropriate Number Order of Dress.

For all Cadets, Wearing of watches and Medical Alert bracelets are allowed.


More information will be given to Cadets in the first few weeks after they join.


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Refer to Dress:

CJCR Dress Intructions

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