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Cadets are provided with a uniform free of charge.  They are required to maintain it in good condition and to keep it up to the minimum standards.  Cadets will be fitted for uniforms shortly after joining and it can take up to 6 weeks for a uniform to arrive.
For those Cadets who have yet to receive their uniform, they are expected to wear a collared shirt, non-jean pants (i.e. khakis) and comfortable shoes.
Cadets will be shown how to properly maintain their uniforms as part of their regular training.  If they have questions, they may refer to the senior Cadets in their flights.
Cadets will be required to purchase their own polish and polishing cloth; most commonly used are Kiwi Brand black polish and a Kiwi cloth.
Once uniformed, they will be required to be in the appropriate Number Order of Dress.

Female Cadets are permitted to wear a single pair of gold, silver or pearl studs in the centre of their earlobe.  No other piercings are permitted.  Male Cadets may not wear any type of piercings.


All Cadets must keep their hair neat.  It may be dyed, but must be a natural hair colour.


Female Cadets may wear their hair in several styles.  If when down, it does not extend below the level of the collar, it can be worn down.  For those with longer hair it must be worn in a single bun centred at the back of the head, or one braid centred down the back or two braids behind the shoulders, and not extending below the top of the armpits.  All hair is to be fastened with conservative and coloured fasteners that blend with the hair colour.  Should you wish to grow your hair out, permission must be requested from the CO and a period of time will be authorized where your hair may extend below the collar.


Males must ensure their hair is off the collar and ears.  Hair cuts need to be taper trimmed.  Sideburns may not extend beyond a line horizontally bisecting the ear and are to be squared off horizontally at the bottom edge.


Females are permitted to wear a minimal amount of make-up.  When in uniform it should be applied conservatively so as to present a natural appearance.


For all Cadets, the only jewellery that may be worn is limited to a watch, a medical alert and two rings which are not of a costume jewellery nature.  As a general rule, if it is visible and not one of the above mentioned items, it needs to be removed.


More information will be given to Cadets in the first few weeks after they join.


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Important documents referring to Dress:


CJCR Dress Intructions

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