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How Does This Work?


1.  You purchase gift cards from and spend them like cash.


2.  FundScrip gives a rebate back to our group (2% - 15%).


3.  The method you use to purchase FundScrip gift cards affects the rebate we receive. 

 - Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or Online Banking bill payment (we receive full rebate).

 - Interac Online - $0.85 per card acquisition transaction (nearly full rebate)

 - Visa, Mastercard - $1.99% of rebate goes to cover credit costs

    (not bad if rebate 15%, not good if rebate 2%)


4. Sign up (Invitation Code TZP82C ), order your cards online - select DIRECT SHIPPING OPTION * (see below)


5. Spend them like cash for purchases you would make anyway!


 The only real cost to you is the card shipping cost, as low as $0.89 (plus value of cards).


Participating Retailers

Bottle Donation


Do you have empty bottles you'd like to get rid of?


Contact the Airdrie Air Cadets and we will come and pick them up for you.

Your donation goes towards the Airdrie Air Cadet program.


Thank you!


- At this time this is the only option available for our group.

- Supporters place and pay for their own orders online, and then have them shipped directly to their home or a Canadian address of their choice

- Orders are shipped via either regular mail, or Canada Post Xpresspost™

- Shipping fees are paid by the Supporter at the time of purchase

- The main benefit of Direct Shipping is that a group can solicit support from supporters who don’t live in physical proximity to the delivery point; so you and your supporters can invite remote friends and family to support your cause

- more convenient and/or beneficial for some would-be supporters to order off-schedule, for example timing with their pay day and/or promotions & contests

- All customer service issues for Direct Shipping orders are handled by FundScrip.

- Orders can be placed as often as you like, independent of any schedule

- Limited to four cards per order

- Limited to a total value of $500 per order





EFT is an online debit that allows you to pay for your orders directly from your bank account

Easiest way to pay for your orders: it’s like paying by cheque, but without the paper

No transaction fees and no monthly fees

You can even create recurring orders once your EFT is set up

After each order, FundScrip submits a debit to your bank account; and then your financial institution transfers the money to FundScrip electronically

Private, safe, and secure

To activate EFT, supporters download the EFT application form from the FundScrip Ordering Site; and then fax or email us a completed copy with a void cheque attached

Supporters receive an email when their EFT account has been activated



Like EFT, funds are withdrawn directly from your bank account

Unlike EFT, no agreement or void cheque required; and no waiting to order

During the checkout process, you are directed to your online banking web site to complete the payment

Currently there are four participating banks offering INTERAC® Online:

- TD Toronto Dominion

- BMO Bank of Montreal

- RBC Royal Bank of Canada

- Scotiabank

Earnings are reduced by $0.85 cents/transaction.



Visa and MasterCard only

Earnings are reduced by 1.99%/transaction.



Pay for your orders from your online banking website by adding “FundScrip’ as a payee in your online banking portal then pay for your orders as you would pay any other bill

There are no fees or deductions to earnings for using this payment method

Please note that it can take at least three (3) business days for FundScrip to receive payment

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