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Squadron Sponsoring Committee - Board of Driectors

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) is a not for profit registered charity which operates under the legal name

Friends of "88" Squadron Society. 

As a parent/guardian , you may register to be a member of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC).  This group is responsible for maintaining a place for squadron to parade and train in and fundraising for all optional training and activities for the Cadets.

The SSC meets the first Wednesday of every month during regular parade.  See Calendar for details.  Attendance is highly recommended. 

"The World is Run by Those Who Show Up."


The basic Cadet program funded through DND and the League ensures that each Cadet receives weekly training, has the opportunity to go gliding at least once during the year, attend an outdoor survival weekend exercise, and attend at least 2 citizenship activities.


This means that the Band program, Range program, Sports program, Drill program, familiarization flying (power), all trips, the awards and the Annual Ceremonial Review banquet, and all of the extra activities that keep the program interesting for the Cadets is funded by the SSC through fundraising activities.

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