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FTX Information

FTX Information

What should my cadet bring?


Please note: Cadets are not permitted to wear their Cadet parkas or Cadet toques (the blue ones with "Cadet" written on it) on FTX's.


Where and how does my Cadet get to FTX?

Buses will be provided to transport Cadets and their gear/kit to camp from the LHQ (Atco trailer parked at the S.E. corner of the Town & Country - 275 Jensen Drive NE, Airdrie).  See calendar for drop off time. 


Will my Cadet eat supper Friday?

No, send your Cadet fed.  There will be no rations till Saturday AM.


When will my Cadet return?

AFTER 1400 (2:00pm) Sunday, call the Squadron cell phone and listen to the message for the approximate time the Cadets are expected to arrive back at the LHQ for pick up.  Squadron cell phone: 403-880-3253.


Where will my Cadet sleep?

On Friday night, the Cadets will sleep in heated cabins.

On Saturday night, the Cadets will sleep outside (weather permitting) in the shelters they construct throughout the day.  Cadets should bring appropriate outdoor clothing  to sleep outside (especially toques).


When should my Cadet bring their kit?

Cadets should arrive with all their kit in their own bags at the LHQ Friday evening.  We ask that all parents help with the “kit check”.  This should only take 20 minutes with all hands on deck.  It has proven prudent in the past for parents to wait until Cadets are loaded onto buses to ensure that in the event of omissions or disallowed kit, a parent is available to recover necessary kit from home or return home with items. 

Where and what will my Cadet eat?

There is a mess hall where all meals are eaten and all food is stored. The Cadet's meals consist of military ration packages.  There is always something the Cadets like in the rations.  Cadets are NOT to have any food in their cabins at all!!  There is wildlife in the area (bears, coyotes, cougars, squirrels, etc.). 


How do the Cadets keep clean?

At some locations, there is no running water, nor showers, nor fancy bathrooms. In the morning and at bedtime, water is supplied for washing and teeth brushing. Cadets should bring a supply of "wet ones" for quick cleaning.


What will my Cadet be doing at the FTX?

Cadets attending FTX will learn about survival techniques.  There are specific lesson plans established for the Cadets, all day and evening .  The lessons range from navigational classes, building shelters, collecting water, building signal fires, to setting up search teams for mock “pilot down” exercise.  Above all, there is a great deal of teamwork and fun had by all!!!

When Cadets come home, they will need a shower and will have many stories to tell you about the weekend events!!!
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