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Loyal Order of the Lynx

88 Airdrie Lynx Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron
The Loyal Order of the Lynx


Origins of The Loyal Order of the Lynx

Within the military community, a tradition exists whereby members of a unit may be presented with a symbol of membership to a unit, most often with a challenge coin.  These coins serve as proof of membership for all those issued a coin, and are presented upon meeting the prescribed criteria.  During the 2011-12 training year, 88 Airdrie Lynx Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron initiated the challenge coin for its cadets and staff, to be known as The Loyal Order of the Lynx.  The coins are individually numbered, providing each member with a unique registered coin, issued in order of their admission to The Order.

Designed by Sgt Jordan Doerksen in 2011, the coin features the Air Cadet crest and Air Cadet Motto on the obverse, and the Squadron Crest, Squadron Motto, and serialized number on the reverse.


Criteria for admission into The Loyal Order of the Lynx

All cadets and squadron staff members are eligible for admission to The Order.  Admission to The Order will be granted upon reaching the following criteria:


  • Meet all the requirements for completion of level 1 training and three months of active participation in level 2 training (for cadets undergoing accelerated training within a single training year, meet all the requirements for completing level 1 and 2 training and three months of active participation in level 3 training); and

  • Maintain an average of 75% in mandatory training (includes parade nights and weekend training days).


  • Completion of one year of active service as a staff member of the Squadron either on the Squadron staff establishment or under a volunteer agreement filling a staff role as designated by the Commanding Officer.


Immediate membership will be granted upon appointment to all incoming Commanding Officers of our affiliated unit, 409 Tactical Fighter Squadron.

The Commanding Officer retains the right to grant one additional admission to The Order to any person deemed so deserving each training year.

All members of The Loyal Order of the Lynx will abide by the governing rules of The Order as set out on their certificate of membership and known as The Charter of the Way of the Coin.

Members will only ever receive one coin, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the coin.


Admission Ceremony for The Loyal Order of the Lynx

The inaugural admission ceremony took place at the 12th Annual Ceremonial Review and Banquet.  All future admissions will be conducted at the Ceremony of the Coin to be held during the February Commanding Officers Parade annually.

During the ceremony, cadets who have met the criteria for admission will be called forward and will be read The Charter of the Way of the Coin.  Each cadet will be presented their coin by the Commanding Officer who will deliver it to them from his right hand to their right hand by way of a handshake.  Cadets will be asked if they agree to abide by The Charter of the Way of the Coin to which they are to reply Ad Saltum Paratus.

Following the admission ceremony, all cadets will sign in the Coin Register to officially record their coin.

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